Can you tell a bit more about your style and approach?

A wedding is about you and the people you love. The beautiful moments you’ll experience together with them during your wedding day is the essence of the story I tell.

My photographs are genuine, with connection and emotion, captured in a beautiful and dynamic way. You and your guests will hardly notice me. I’m certainly there but with a relaxed approach, giving the photographs a rather informal and non-posed character. My goal is not only to show how your day looked like, but more important: how it felt!

During the photo session and group photo’s, I manage things a bit more to ensure a fluid and efficient process, but even then I’d like you to enjoy this bit of the day and have some fun! I believe it’s very important that you and your guests enjoy every moment of the day, without having to worry about the photography.

What options do you have available?

Coverage always include:

  • intake and consultation (either in person or online)
  • 6 hours of photography coverage on the wedding day
  • sneak preview slideshow delivered one week after the wedding (click here to see an example)
  • a very user friendly online gallery with edited high resolution images, delivered four weeks after the wedding
  • compact bespoke wedding album with the highlights of your wedding day.

From here extra hours, larger albums and other options such as a second shooter can be added. There’s also a selection of packages available which include several upgrades.

Please contact me to learn more about rates and availability!

Can you make a wedding movie as well?

We focus on still photography, but of course I’ll be able to help you find someone. In my network I know very talented people that have a similar style as my photography and I’ve worked with many of them before, so I know we’ll be able to smoothly work together as a team.

We do not live in the Netherlands, can you help us?

Yes, of course. I normally meet my local couples, but we can always set up an online meeting to have a chat about your wedding. After all, you’d want to know the person that’s shooting your wedding, right?

Furthermore, if you need any help planning your wedding, I can recommend you some great wedding planners that work locally, but have experience with international clients and connections with local suppliers.

Do you edit the photo’s?

Yes. All photo’s are carefully culled and edited for color, contrast and cropping. A selection of your photo’s is also edited in classic, beautiful black and white. The high resolution images come with full personal printing rights, without any logo’s.

How soon can we see our images?

Getting the most out of your photo’s requires a thorough process of editing. We do not cut corners on this aspect. However, you can expect a sneak preview slideshow within a week and a full gallery and an album design (if applicable) within four weeks.

Do you work with a second shooter?

Often I do, and in the larger packages a second shooter is included by default. It depends on the day and number of guests how much value a second shooter can add, and I would be happy to advise. The people I bring along are regulars, so I know their skill level and way of working meets my standards. After the wedding, I’ll receive their unedited files so I can select and edit them according to my preferences.

Do you have a backup in case of illness or technical issues?

In the very unlikely event of an emergency where I won’t be able to shoot your wedding myself, I can appeal to my fellow members of wedding photographer collective Twentyfive. A suitable photographer from this network will then be able to photograph the day and afterwards, deliver their files to me for further culling, editing and album design.

On every assignment, I carry backup equipment with me in case of technical issues. Furthermore, a good data plan is in place to ensure no files are lost.

Do you only shoot in the Netherlands and Belgium, or other places too?

I shoot anywhere in the world you’d like me too! Please take into account extra budget for traveling, accommodation and local transport.

We’d like to know more, what’s next?

Great! Please contact me for information about availability and information on packages. If you happen to live nearby, you’re more than welcome to drop by to have a chat and see some of our beautiful products. Alternatively, we could set up an online meeting. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!